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Considered one of the best in its field, HYLA is the most natural and the most renowned purification and cleansing system in the world. This is for the benefit of your well-being as well as your health.

The new HYLA EST removes fine dust, gases, allergens and dust mites during use. At the same time, the HYLA EST purifies the air you breathe through its water filter. This not only eliminates unpleasant odours but also spreads a fresh and natural fragrance in your home. 

The vacuumed dust and dirt are no longer collected in a dust bag, bin or other collecting device, but are collected in the water and then finally removed. During this cleaning process, the harmful substances in the air are collected in the water, purifying the air to 99.9%. (Source: Dr. Drexler and Dr. Fecher – Institute for Analysis and Consulting – Certificate No. 010853)

In addition, you also save on filters, which are not needed at all with our HYLA EST. 

The cleaning of houses and flats therefore offers both ecological and economical advantages, because on the one hand one avoids unusable waste (filter), which is bad for our environment and on the other hand one does not have to foresee any production and disposal costs. Because there are no filters to clog the dust, the HYLA EST always functions, cleans and cleans optimally without loss of suction power or quality.

This means that with 730W the HYLA EST can achieve a suction power that other cleaning systems can only achieve with an empty dust bag and over 2000W of power. In air purification mode, the HYLA EST even needs only 200W. You will see the difference after only a few weeks, up to 80% less dust. The considerable savings on electricity costs are a nice bonus. And what is even more important: you will feel better in your own clean home.


Imagine being able to breathe air where there is practically no dust left. The purchase of a HYLA EST represents a huge step forward in terms of health and well-being, it offers new comfort in life. If you purify the air a few minutes before going to sleep, you can enjoy a long peaceful night’s sleep with fresh and clean air, just like after a thunderstorm in summer.


The lungs are one of our most vital and sensitive organs. Every day we breathe in millions of harmful dust particles and microbes, to which our airways react with coughing fits and irritation. Countless adults and children already suffer from chronic respiratory problems. Reduce the risk to yourself and your children by minimizing the amount of polluted air with the help of the HYLA EST.

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