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The quality makes the difference

Environment, health, safety and quality are HYLA’s highest priority. Whether in research or production, at the time of purchase or during sale: HYLA as a company is very aware of its responsibility towards customers, colleagues, neighbours and the environment. This is demonstrated by the many certifications and the high quality of the products.


Certified by the University of Milan.
Based on tests carried out on the reduction of PM and VOCs by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan, HYLA is effective in reducing both the level of VOCs and the concentration of particulate matter in the air.

This device can therefore be used as an air quality control system within the home environment, reducing dust and VOCs that may be present in the home as emitted pollutants through various household activities.

Certified by Preventive Medicine.
Hyla GST and EST have been approved as suitable in prevention for good health by the ZPmed Centre for Preventive Medicine located at Hartmannstraße 15a, 97688 Bad Kissingen.


This certificate confirms that the use of HYLA improves, reduces the risk of health damage and prevents the development of diseases.


Innovation Award.
HYLA received the prestigious Plus X Award in 2017, which is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle.
It rewards companies for leadership in product quality and innovation.

Certified by Environmental Research The multidisciplinary journal of environmental science and engineering has synthesized research from laboratories at the universities of Milan, Madrid, Bari, Brussels, Brussels, Munich and many other institutes around the world on improving air quality thanks to air purifiers, and it appears that HYLA is able to reduce aerosol particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).