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Hyla is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest innovations that contribute to your daily health and promote “well-being”


The new HYLA EST disinfects the indoor atmosphere by neutralizing microparticles of dust allergens and mites during its operation.


The dust and dirt that are absorbed are no longer collected in bags, containers or filters, but is directly trapped in the water and discharged with it after use.  


During operation for air purification, the harmful substances are suspended, absorbed and filtered and the air comes out clean at a rate of 99.9%. 

The Hyla Est having water as a filter not only traps and neutralizes bad smells but at the same time freshens and perfumes the atmosphere of your home

Because Hyla Est has no filtering element that can be clogged by dust, it always maintains maximum suction efficiency during operation.


With its great ease of use and movement around the room, it allows you to save time and since it doesn’t need consumables (multiple filter bags deodorizing lozenges)you also save money


The Hyla Est works by consuming just 730 W and achieves suction that vacuum cleaners can only achieve when their bags are empty of dust – new – and with an output power of 2000W.


It consumes only 200 watts when cleaning the air.


With just a few weeks of use, you will notice 80% less household dust, significant energy savings and a change in the atmosphere and energy of your home.

The new separator is a state-of-the-art patent and is unique. It cleans itself by operating with the method of hydro-vortexing, mimicking the natural phenomenon known as aIt rotates with a force of more than 174 km per hour and in this way its blades break down the largest drops of water into micro-droplets and disperse them, preventing them from entering the separator, which rotates at high speed. These extremely fast and extremely small water droplets form a shield around the separator that stops most of the dust particles before they can penetrate. This ensures optimum filtering conditions for the air and atmosphere inside


Home and personal space should feel safe and comfortable to us. Hyla ensures exactly these conditions in the context of hygiene and cleanliness, covering completely, every need of our space with the constantly evolving and effective solutions offered.

Tried and tested by many users, it is certainly a unique tool in your hands. The most important for us are the certifications brought by experts and more specifically those that confirm to our customers the safety of the products according to international standards.

 Certifications that characterize it as a health product and innovative machine in the field of cleaning and not only.

At the same time with the addition of the most sophisticated accessories, Hyla Cleans all surfaces such as messy flooring furniture curtains and mattresses and thus can absorb dust wherever it is.

We invite you to discover the Hyla Est cleaning system, ready to bring real wellness to your life.

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